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A custom handcrafted espresso beverage for every guest.


The most caring and satisfying experience you will get, once our baristas pour you a cup of coffee!

Best Coffee Catering Cart in Minneapolis / St. Paul

Coffee plays a vital role in elevating any noteworthy event. Therefore, it is imperative that your guests enjoy nothing less than the finest coffee experience. Gondolier Coffee excels in delivering such exceptional experiences.

Our Offered Packages

We cater to events of all sizes and types, from small gatherings to corporate events and weddings.


The perfect package to cater to any intimate event or small gathering.


Ideal for grand celebrations! Perfect for most weddings and grad parties.


Tailored for grand occasions, offering top value and high-speed service for very large events.


Tailor your event precisely! Choose drink quantity, service hours, and menu preferences, with prices ranging from $500 to $1700. Consider charging guests per drink for discounted rates.

About Us - Gondolier Coffee

Experience the utmost care and satisfaction as our skilled baristas expertly handcraft your perfect espresso.

The Gondolier Coffee

Best coffee in town

At Gondolier Coffee, we start with the most important foundation-our talented team of baristas. Jonathan, Hannah, Mel and Jasmine are zealous about creating customized coffee drinks that go above and beyond the average corner cafe.

Let’s face it-coffee can be overwhelming. You may dream of branching out from your regular option at the local cafe, but a standard black coffee seems classic and familiar. And what if you are hosting an event? Your friends, family, or coworkers are bound to have preferences from basic to complex. Gondolier Coffee makes the answer simple and easy for everyone, no matter their tastes.

Our Talented Baristas

Jonathan and his crew are committed to creating a wide spectrum of wonderful coffee drinks for you and your guests


Owner / Barista

Jonathan grew up in a large family with supportive parents that always stoked the fire of his ambitions. He enjoys making short films and playing board games in his spare time. His career in the art of coffee began at age 16 when he was hired as a barista at his local Starbucks, and continued to grow with a volunteer position serving coffee at Valiant Church on Sunday mornings. Gondolier was born out of his vision for excellent coffee coupled with tailored customer service.


Co-Owner / Barista

Hannah was adopted from China when she was nine months old and has been in Minnesota ever since. She grew up in a close knit family unit of one sister and a hard working single mom. A mutual friend introduced her to Jonathan, and they connected over their love of coffee, among other things. They married in 2018, and enjoy working together while challenging each other to pursue their dreams, Jonathan’s being to make people happy by serving coffee, and Hannah’s to complete her bachelors in fine arts.

Why Gondolier - you ask?

We are one of the most beloved coffee catering service provider in Minneapolis / St. Paul

Simple | Easy | Elegant

We strive to simplify and facilitate the delivery of sophisticated experiences.

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Experience unparalleled care and satisfaction when our expert baristas craft your coffee to perfection.



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